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How to remember dates & events in history

How to remember dates and events in history   Memory involves recalling and retrieving Information. Recalling general Information that affects your life may be simple for most healthy Individuals. Remembering facts such as Dates and names in history, However may be more challenging. learning and using memory strategies can improve your ability to remember such…

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Advantages of online test series

Advantages of online test series       Online test series in an online assessment tool designed to help the students of your institute to be more prepared and competent for any of the competitive exam conducted all throughout the country. With the effective tool, They will be able to improve their knowledge and confidence…

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LearningMobile App Digital literacy, digital literacy in the classroom, benefits of digital literacy in the classroom, digital citizen, the importance of digital literacy for students

The Importance of Digital Literacy for High School Students

Digital literacy is crucial for today’s students. It is necessary to understand the communal issues, ethical behavior, online professionalism, and measures to adapt to stay safe online.   Let us understand the importance of digital literacy for students here. _____________________________________ Digital literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create,…

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LearningMobile App negative implications of mobile usage, ways to prevent mobile addiction in students, ways to encourage students to use mobile, mobile addiction, mobile technology

7 Ways to Prevent Mobile Addiction in Students

Is your child another ‘PUBG wala’?   Is mobile screentime becoming too much for your child? Do not snatch the phone! Let them have it!   But for what and how?! Let’s explore more here.   If kids are whining about having to go outside instead of playing video games, or if they’re slacking off…

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LearningMobile App Use technology to communicate with parents, technology for communication, mobile applications, parent-teacher conference

How Teachers Can Use Technology to Communicate with Parents

Communication between parents and teachers is essential and should be transparent. It plays an influential role in the academic performance and overall growth of a student.   In this changing era, where technology is used everywhere, technology plays a fundamental role in school communications too.   Let us see how teachers can use technology to…

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LearningMobile App Technology in school, how teachers can integrate technology in school, integrating technology in a class, Technology in class

How Teachers Can Integrate Technology in School

Integrating technology in school is creating buzz today. However, the teachers, parents, and students must be on the same page for its real success.   Let us understand the different angle of technology implementation here and how teachers can integrate technology into school. ________________   Teachers and technology are the impactful resources for a student…

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LearningMobile App Benefits of 1:1 Technology, 1:1 technology program in schools, 1:1 technology program, benefits of 1:1 technology program in schools, benefits of technology integration in school

13 Benefits of 1:1 Technology Program In Schools

The first and foremost benefit of technology integration in school is to go 1:1. Eventually, the most forward-thinking educational organizations are adopting 1:1 technology program to deliver enhanced learning experiences to the students.   Let us understand the benefits of integrating 1:1 technology program in schools.   The millennial students are adapting to technology, and…

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LearningMobile App School technology, on board with the school technology, benefits of mobile apps in education, technology in classrooms

How Schools Can Help Parents to On Board with School Technology

The technology is changing the way parents, teachers, and students interact with each other. Keeping the parents in the loop and helping them to accommodate the changing scenario is a must.   Let us understand how schools can help parents to on board with the school technology. ______________ It is a fact that parents involvement…

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LearningMobile App Types of cyberbullying, signs of cyberbullying, consequences of cyberbullying, how parents can protect their child from cyberbullying, what to do if your child is a cyberbully

Parental Tips: Help Your Child Understand Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is becoming one of the major social issues in this techno-era. Students are also the victims by getting cyberbullied or becoming a cyberbully.   The innocence of tender age, when diverted aggressively, would lead to dire consequences in the future. Here is a quick rundown of few facts and tips for parents to help…

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LearningMobile App Mobile learning, parents perception of mobile learning, mobile applications for education, mobile apps

How Schools Can Advocate Parents for Mobile Learning

The convenience of mobile use in reference to responsiveness, speed, time, and, more is making the mobile device as an ideal learning tool. Several schools have started to reap the benefits of mobile apps usage and are moving forward with Realty technology incorporation.   However, we still find a section of parents who are still…

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LearningMobile App Know About Artificial Intelligence, use of AI technology, Artificial intelligence

Things High School Students Must Know About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in schools is changing the game for students and influencing a lot in shaping their careers, social networks, or the communities.   At this juncture, every high school student must know the implications of Artificial Intelligence in schools and life activities.   Let us explore more here.   The use of Artificial Intelligence…

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LearningMobile App personalised learning and teachers, Role of Teachers in Personalized Learning

The Influential Role of Teachers in Personalized Learning

The technologies are infused into every sector we name today. It has gained an upper hand in the education sector too. To mention a few, it includes personalized learning with Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and, more.   Let us understand the influential role of teachers amidst these technologies walking into the classroom here.…

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