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What is the Best Time to Study for Board Exams – Day or Night?

Each student has a unique learning style. Likewise, even the study time differs from each other. A few of the students may feel daytime as the best hours to study and vice versa. Even, the benefits are more or less the same.   The objective here is to choose the best study hours, either day…

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LearningMobile App Artificial Intelligence in Schools, use of Artificial Intelligence, Use of Artificial Intelligence in Schools

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Schools: Risks and Mitigation

Artificial intelligence in schools is gaining traction considering the benefits it could provide. However, its implementation is not easier and calls for addressing several issues.   Let us understand the risks of using artificial intelligence in schools and the necessary safety measures to mitigate it.   A school life supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems…

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LearningMobile App Best Exam Revision Techniques

Tips & Tricks Best Exam Revision Techniques

It’s high time you start revising the syllabus to attend the upcoming SSC Board Exam 2019.   Nail your SSC Board Exam 2019 with these simple tips and tricks-best revision techniques.   As the exam season is around the corner, it’s time to start revision.   I understand you have attended hours of classes and…

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LearningMobile App Tips to use the Internet, benefits of using the Internet, the best tool for learning, social media usage, benefits of using the Internet for students

Tips To Use The Internet Effectively for High School Students

With the Internet, students can advance their learning opportunities. It serves as the best tool for learning, adding resources and learn more. And, it helps them to connect with fellow mates from other schools, countries or far-off places and share knowledge.   Let us understand how to use the Internet effectively for high school students…

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LearningMobile App Tips to beat procrastination, causes of procrastination, effects of procrastination, Overcome procrastination in academic studies

Tips to Overcome Procrastination In Academic Studies

Being a student, it is necessary to complete your study tasks on time to achieve excellence in academics. Procrastination kills the progress of your academic excellence.   Let us understand what procrastination is all about and the learn tips to overcome procrastination.   Most of the students’ experience is to share or ponder over things…

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LearningMobile App Tips-to-Pass-Maharashtra-SSC-Board-Exams

Tips to Improve Scores in Maharashtra State Board Exams

It is easy to score good marks in your SSC Board exams, provided you are determined so.   Make a strict schedule of study hours, study seriously. Understand the concepts. Revise often. Be cool. Take advantage of technology too like revision apps.   And, that’s it. ——————————————- Exams are always easy to deal with. But,…

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LearningMobile App successful high school student, leadership skills, become a successful high school student

5 Essential Tips to Become A successful High School Student

Academic excellence does not refer to a high score in the exam. Marks are not the benchmark of success for a high school student. In addition to gaining academic knowledge, several learning opportunities should be explored and owned by the individual student. It is helpful for a future career also.   Let us understand the…

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LearningMobile App tips for parents and teachers on Google Safety Usage, mobile apps, Google safely, computers and mobile devices

Tips for Parents and Teachers on Google Safety Usage

Students have to use computers and mobile devices these days. And, it is an alarming task for parents or teachers as well, as they cannot always be on guard whenever the child uses the screen.   In order to ensure safe usage, you can implement certain measures and manage their usage. Watch out for these…

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Tips and Tricks for Solving Maths Problems-Class X Students

In reality, mathematics is the most interesting and high-scoring subject. You can easily score 100 percent in mathematics. Small tips and tricks, dedicated time, and interest will work wonders to score well in the mathematics subject for Class X Students.   This write-up helps these class X students with simple tips and tricks for solving…

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LearningMobile App Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Timetable 2019, Study Plan, Time Management, SSC Board Exam 2019, Time Management Tips for Class X Students, Ezeetest

Time Management Tips for Class X Students | SSC Board Exam 2019

Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Timetable 2019 is out now! Everyone wishes to score high in the exams and anyone can score so, provided you manage your skills on time.   Here are a few Time Management Tips for the Class X Students to excel well in the upcoming board exam.   ——————–   It’s time…

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LearningMobile App Online test series, free practice test, exam preparation app, Ezeetest

The Importance of Tests in Academic School

Tests form a common assessment tool in the education system across the world. Whether you like it or not, you are bound to take tests in the school.   Though, tests appear as a nightmare for several students, the importance of tests could be realized at an academic level and at the subtle level as…

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LearningMobile App Digital literacy, digital literacy in the classroom, benefits of digital literacy in the classroom, digital citizen, the importance of digital literacy for students

The Importance of Digital Literacy for High School Students

Digital literacy is crucial for today’s students. It is necessary to understand the communal issues, ethical behavior, online professionalism, and measures to adapt to stay safe online.   Let us understand the importance of digital literacy for students here. _____________________________________ Digital literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create,…

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