LearningMobile App Maharashtra Scholarship Exam 2019, Maharashtra Scholarship Exam Date, Maharashtra Scholarship Exam, Maharashtra Scholarship Exam Syllabus, Benefits of Maharashtra Scholarship Exam

How to Prepare for Maharashtra Scholarship Exam 2019

The Maharashtra Scholarship Exam 2019, conducted by MSCE Pune is scheduled on 18th February 2019 for 5th & 8th standard.   Let us know the syllabus, exam scheme, exam pattern, and how to prepare for the exam here.   The scholarship exams in Maharashtra for the class 5th ( Pre Upper Primary Scholarship Exam) and…

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LearningMobile App Artificial intelligence in education, AI applications, Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Education, integration of AI

9 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Education

When we think of Artificial Intelligence in Education, we find different schools of thought, where one group supports and the other is strongly against its implementation.   It is universally accepted that education is a sector, where human-to-human interaction is a must. Parallely, the integration of AI cannot be overlooked considering the advantages it could…

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LearningMobile App Secret techniques to improve your intelligence, board exams, IQ score, emotional intelligence, enhance learning abilities

Apply These 11 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Intelligence

Being intelligent is not always a born gift. The potential of the brain could be harvested to its fullest by adopting adequate learning strategies. The IQ score is just a number that could be increased with efforts always.   Here are the 11 secret techniques to improve your intelligence.   As the Board exam approaches,…

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LearningMobile App Eye Exercises for Board Exams, eye exercise, eye training, increase reading speed

Increase Your Reading Speed with Eye Exercises for Board Exams

How exciting it would be if you can complete reading the Board exam notes within 1/3rd of the actual time?   Sounds nice?!   That too, when exam dates are around the corner, right?!   Just follow these eye exercises for speed reading. ——————————- The exam season has started already. This is the time for…

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LearningMobile App Artificial Intelligence in Schools, Artificial Intelligence in Education, AI and Teachers collaboration

All You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence In Schools

Witnessing the attributes of Artificial Intelligence, it is significant to introduce and leverage them in educational institutions so that our children can quickly work with the technology efficiently in the future.    Introducing Artificial Intelligence in schools will help the children to close the digital skill gaps in early stage itself. AI should be adopted…

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LearningMobile App Mobile learning, myths of mobile learning, debunking the myths of mobile learning, mobile apps, learning app for students

Learning App for Students | Break The Myths of Mobile Learning

The use of mobile technology is extending its influence in the education field too. Still, we hear voices against mobile learning. People have a prejudiced feel over the use of mobile apps for education and hesitate to provide learning apps for students.   Let’s understand the common myths set in the minds of people and…

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LearningMobile App best educational app,educational app,exam preparation app,improve academics,,best educational apps for kids

Give The Best Educational App For Your Child’s Academic Excellence

Choosing the best educational app for the child’s academic excellence among the thousands of apps available in the app market is indeed a difficult task for the parents and teachers as well.   Let us look into the best starting points while selecting an app for your child’s academics.   The mobile apps are getting…

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LearningMobile App positive parenting techniques, how to help a child at home, teacher and parents relationship

Positive Parenting: Things Teachers Want Parents To Do At Home

Teachers and parents should work as partners. It is a learning phase throughout the day for children and not only at school hours. Spending quality time with your children after school hours is essential and expected by the teachers.   Here are a few things teachers want parents to do at home, know about teachers…

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LearningMobile App Importance of Previous Years Question Papers, Previous Years Question Papers, Practice papers

Importance of Previous Years Question Papers for Board Exam

It is utmost essential to attempt answers for previous years question papers to gain a high percentage in the board exam.   Organizing the answers for previous papers helps you understand the nuances of the exam questions and thus make your exam writing task simple and better.   Let us see how it helps you…

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LearningMobile App outdoor learning activities for high school students, outdoor learning activities for students

Advantages of Outdoor Learning Activities for Students

The learnings become engaging and spontaneous outside the classrooms. The field experiences are the means of curriculum extension in its best way.   Let us understand the ways of extended learning outside the classroom.   Neil, Professor, Applied Psychology defines outdoor education as “An emphasis on direct experience of the outdoors for personal, social, educational,…

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LearningMobile App virtual reality in education, application of virtual reality in education, benefits of virtual reality in education, virtual reality and future of education

The Winning Benefits of Virtual Reality In Education

Technological advancements today are making the learning experiences easier for the students. The technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality has extended its influence in the education sector too with a promising future.   Let us discover the winning benefits in education.   In the last decades, we are witnessing the invasion of technology…

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LearningMobile App Machine learning in education, applications of machine learning in education, use cases of machine learning in education, advantages of machine learning in education, machine learning and the future of education

The Influence of Machine Learning in Education

Blended learning may become more common in modern classrooms as teachers are shifting to machine learning.   Both the students and teachers are enjoying the modernized versions of lessons. And, it seems reasonable to rely on advances in education with machine learning, provided we balance the expectations with a human touch.   Let us understand…

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LearningMobile App study app for students,education apps,revision apps,best app for school students,educational app for school students

Why Ezeetest is The Favourite Study App for Students

The Smart Education Apps help the students to test and analyze their academic learnings. Among the revision apps available in the app market, the Ezeetest App is reported to be interactive by connecting the teachers and parents.   It acts as the catalyst to engage the students. This study app for students is successful in…

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LearningMobile App Study Technique for Students, Active listening activities

Active Listening As A Useful Study Technique for Students

Listen, Before you Speak!   This anecdote is heard over and over again. What does the anecdote intend to convey?   Listening helps to develop the cognitive learnings and behavior of a person. It is one of the recommended methods of study technique as it helps you to recall the concepts easily.     Let…

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LearningMobile App Mind mapping technique, Mind Mapping Technique for Students, Benefits of using the mind mapping technique for students, best learning technique

5 Benefits of Using Mind Mapping Technique for Students

Mind mapping technique is easy to make and use. It saves your time for studying and you can revise quickly during exam preparation.   Explore how to draw a mind map and derive the real benefits on your exam day.   What can be done when you don’t understand a concept or find it difficult…

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LearningMobile App

What is the Best Time to Study for Board Exams – Day or Night?

Each student has a unique learning style. Likewise, even the study time differs from each other. A few of the students may feel daytime as the best hours to study and vice versa. Even, the benefits are more or less the same.   The objective here is to choose the best study hours, either day…

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LearningMobile App HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY, Ezeetest App

Realize Your Dream Career with Ezeetest App – Happy Children’s Day

Hello Children!!   It’s Your Day Today. Take A Way Forward Note of Your Career Today!   Take time to think about your aspirations. Know how to work for it. Make a mind map to fulfill it. Stay in pace with the techno-world. Move with the changes the life brings us.   Ezeetest Wishes a…

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LearningMobile App App-Recommended-by-Teachers, Study app for high school students

Teachers Recommend Ezeetest-Study App for Highschool Students

In this digital world, the educational apps act as a perfect mediator to the parents and teachers, students after school hours, and so forth. The teachers find it as a useful aid for their teachings.   And, as such, there are several supporting study apps available in the market. Among those, Ezeetest is one of…

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LearningMobile App Artificial Intelligence in Education, the role of Artificial intelligence in education, digital learning solutions, personalized learning.

3 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Education for Students

Artificial intelligence is the advanced algorithm empowering the machines to imitate the human behavior under real-life situations. Artificial intelligence is touching every industry’s landscape today.   The education arena is not an exception. It is believed that when the learning solutions are coupled with Artificial intelligence, it is bound to make the revolutionary changes in…

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LearningMobile App Parent-Teacher relationship, parent-school communication, parental involvement in child’s academics, parent teachers meeting

Building Parent-Teacher Relationship with Ezeetest App

The parents’ involvement in child’s academics plays a significant role in their social behavioral pattern and scores in the exam as well. And, getting connected with the teachers and staying in the loop with them is essential to learn about the child’s progress.   In this digital age, the test evaluation app like Ezeetest helps…

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LearningMobile App

How Revision App Help Employed Parents with Child’s Academics

The use of Revision app helps the two-parent working families to access the app anytime, and get involved in their children’s schooling and academic performance.   It is an accepted fact that children perform better in their academics provided when parents are actively involved in their learnings. And, it was not a difficult task or…

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LearningMobile App Tips & tricks to learn faster and better, improve academic performance

35 Tips & Tricks to Learn Faster and Better

The learning process can be made easy when your efforts are strategically invested. A simple trick that you never thought of might work well to create wonders in your academic performance.   Check out this list of 35 tips and tricks to learn faster and better. Implement the tip[s] that suits your learning style and…

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LearningMobile App Online practice tests, SSC Board Exam 2019, Class X students, Keep your maths fear at bay, SSC Board students

Take Online Practice Tests to Keep Your Maths Fear at Bay

Practicing as many questions as possible is the key to success in Maths exam. More practice builds confidence in you and gears up the speed to attend to the answers correctly.   A well-prepared exam leads to a successful attempt to questions and time management in the exam.     Begin your online practice test…

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LearningMobile App Sleeping pattern and academic performance, online practice tests

Sleep Well & Perform Better In Your SSC Board Exam 2019

It is necessary and recommended to sleep well to perform better in your SSC Board Exam 2019. The circadian rhythm should not be disturbed to perform the cognitive functions effectively for the brain.   And, an adequate sleep of 6-8 hours is recommended for the students to perform well in the academics and maintain their…

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LearningMobile App Revision Apps vs Paper Preparation, use of revision Apps

Know The ABC of Revision Apps vs Paper Preparation

As the exam fervor is spreading all around, the millennial generation is adopting mobile technology to gear up for the upcoming exam in 2019. And, it seems that they are enviably comfortable in using the revision apps.   Let us see what attracts them towards the use of revision apps as compared to the paper…

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LearningMobile App Best Exam Revision Techniques

Tips & Tricks Best Exam Revision Techniques

It’s high time you start revising the syllabus to attend the upcoming SSC Board Exam 2019.   Nail your SSC Board Exam 2019 with these simple tips and tricks-best revision techniques.   As the exam season is around the corner, it’s time to start revision.   I understand you have attended hours of classes and…

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LearningMobile App 5Ws 1H Questioning Technique, SSC Board Students, SSC Board Exam

Adopt 5Ws and 1H Questioning Technique for Academic Studies

Academic learning is utmost essential and must be strong to show progress in career. When a perfect study methodology is adopted, it is easier to imbibe and take forward the learnings.   One of the best-recommended methodology to study is 5Ws and 1H questioning technique. Let’s investigate more about the technology here.   Academic learning…

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LearningMobile App Tips to score high marks in English exam, Importance of English

7 Tips to Score High Marks in English Exam

The general tendency of students is to ignore language classes and marks, for they are more focused on gaining marks in core subjects to enter professional courses. As a result, last-minute mug up for the language exam is a trend among today’s students.   Be cautious that English is essential and compulsory in several Indian…

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LearningMobile App benefits of exam preparation app, exam preparation app

5 Major Benefits of Exam Preparation App

The sample papers, previous question papers, mock tests, test series, etc., stands as the best resources for exam preparation since time unknown. It could be for SSC Board students preparing for the academic exam or the students preparing for competitive exams.   Attempting these tests with the help of study apps is the hi-tech way…

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LearningMobile App Ways to Overcome Exam Phobia, online mock tests

5 Ways to Overcome Exam Phobia

Preparing well for the exam is an undeniable part to succeed in the exam. However, we find students fail to perform well in the exam despite adequate preparation. The main reason could be attributed to exam phobia.   Exam phobia leads to low esteem, overburdening, thinking of results before giving exams, loss of confidence, and…

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LearningMobile App Common mistakes in SSC Board Exam, Online Mock Tests, SSC Board Exam

Do Not Commit These Mistakes in Your SSC Board Exam

Everyone prepares well for the SSC Board exam with no doubt, and most of us know the answers for the questions asked in the exam. Still, the exam fervor invades a few students that they tend to commit mistakes that could have been easily avoided when cared.   Let us understand the most common mistakes…

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LearningMobile App Simple Tips to Write Answers, Simple Tips to Write Answers in SSC Board Exam

Simple Tips to Write Answers in Your SSC Board Exam

‘I have good grasping skills and know the subject very well. But still, I scored average marks!’   ‘I knew all the answers, but could not attend all questions due to the lapse of time!’   ‘How to write an exam in three hours?’   ‘How to score well in the SSC Board Exam?’  …

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LearningMobile App How-to-Increase-Your-Memory-Retention-Class-X-Students

How to Increase Your Memory Retention Power | Class X Students

It is significant to retain the memory of learnings to score well in the exams.   A quick note on how our brain forget the learnings [as per Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve] and what should be done to increase the memory retention [as per 0+1+7+30 Technique] has been discussed here. ———————– In one of our recent…

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LearningMobile App Advantages of Rote Learning

Be Aware of Rote Learning | Class X Students

Do not forget everything in the exam hall by following Rote learning/Ratta Maro method for studies. Limit your rote learning methodology for basic facts/formulae memorization.   Follow Meaningful learning with the help of Ezeetest App-Online test series and excel in your upcoming Board exam.     Let’s understand how attending online test series helps you…

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LearningMobile App

The Day Before Your SSC Board Exam | The Final 24 Hours Count Down

Are you a planner or a procrastinator?   You should be a Planner!   Your SSC Board Exam 2019 is approaching fast. I hope you all are preparing well in advance.   Still, as a reminder, here are few tips on Do’s and Don’ts while preparing for exams, the day before and also it for…

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LearningMobile App NTSE Benefits for Class X Students, NTSE Benefits

NTSE Benefits for Class X Students: An Overview

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship program and the most prestigious examinations in India. It is conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training NCERT for the class X students to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent.   Let’s have an overview of the NTSE benefits…

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LearningMobile App Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Timetable 2019, Study Plan, Time Management, SSC Board Exam 2019, Time Management Tips for Class X Students, Ezeetest

Time Management Tips for Class X Students | SSC Board Exam 2019

Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Timetable 2019 is out now! Everyone wishes to score high in the exams and anyone can score so, provided you manage your skills on time.   Here are a few Time Management Tips for the Class X Students to excel well in the upcoming board exam.   ——————–   It’s time…

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LearningMobile App Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Time-Table 2019, Maharashtra SSC Board Exam 2019, Online Test Series, Class X Students, Practice Tests, Maharashtra State Board

Gear Up for Maharashtra SSC Board Exam 2019 by Attending Online Test Series

The real exam fervor has started for the class X students now after the announcement of Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Time-Table 2019.   Gear up with your exam preparation by attending online test series through the best revision apps available and do well in the exam.   Here is a quick note on what you…

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LearningMobile App Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Time-Table 2019, Time-table for Class X students, Maharashtra SSC Board Exam 2019 Hall Ticket

Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Time-Table 2019 | Data Sheet and Exam Dates

The Maharashtra State Board has published the SSC Exam Time Table 2019 for the Class X Students.   Gear Up for the Upcoming Exam. Check your Timetable and Download Here. ————————– Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pune has released SSC Exam Time Table 2019 on 5th October 2018.   The Maharashtra…

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LearningMobile App Sample paper for class 8, Class 8 Science MCQs, 8th standard SSC Board syllabus, Class 8 students, MSBSHSE

Sample Paper for Class 8 Science MCQs-MSBSHSE | Ezeetest App

Prepare well for the Maharashtra Board exam and the competitive exams as well by practicing Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs] for the Class 8 students as much as possible.   Let us have a look on sample paper for Class 8 Science MCQs here as presented in the Ezeetest App, a revision app that helps to…

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LearningMobile App

Tips and Tricks for Solving Maths Problems-Class X Students

In reality, mathematics is the most interesting and high-scoring subject. You can easily score 100 percent in mathematics. Small tips and tricks, dedicated time, and interest will work wonders to score well in the mathematics subject for Class X Students.   This write-up helps these class X students with simple tips and tricks for solving…

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LearningMobile App Online Mock Tests, SSC Board Exam, Mock Test, Free Mock Test Papers

Online Mock Tests-Part II | Post-Mock Plan to Optimize Your Performance in SSC Board Exam

Analyzing the mock tests forms the imperative part of performance improvement.   In our last blog, we understood the benefits of taking online mock tests. Let us continue further and learn how to derive the practical benefits of it by making a strategic plan to optimize the performance level post the test.   Let us…

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LearningMobile App Online Mock Tests, SSC Board Exam, Mock Test, Free Mock Test, Practice Test

Online Mock Tests-Part I | Benefits for SSC Board Exam

Putting yourself through the online mock test[s] prepares you to face the SSC Board exam easily. It helps you to meet the challenges like time management, strategies for answering, understand the exam patterns, expecting the most probable questions, criteria for assessment, and, etc.   In brief, it is incredibly beneficial as it delivers a perfect…

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LearningMobile App Sample-Paper-Class-10, online test series, Ezeetest app

Sample Paper for Class 10 Science MCQs-MSBSHSE | Ezeetest App

Practicing Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs] for the Class X students helps to prepare well for the SSC Board exam and the competitive exams as well. Train your brain to analyze questions and interpret answers at a faster rate.   Let us have a look on sample paper for Class 10 Science MCQs here as represented…

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LearningMobile App chool Children, Benefits and Risks of Social Media

Social Media Usage by SSC Board Students: What Can You Do About It?

The social media usage is viral and the students are not an exception. They tend to use social media despite the warnings by their parents or the elders. It is recommended to understand their objective behind its use, create an awareness of the benefits and risks of social media, and protect them through their social…

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LearningMobile App Advantage of Aptitude Test, Aptitude Test App, Aptitude tests, Class X Students

Take Advantage of Aptitude Tests | Class X Students

It is necessary to develop logical reasoning, speed in implementing the learned knowledge or skills for a successful career or profession.   In order to hone the thinking and logical ability, attend competitive exams successfully, it is recommended to practice aptitude tests during the 10th academic course study.   Let us understand the concept and…

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LearningMobile App SSC Board Exam, Maharashtra State Board Class 10 Exam, Online Practice Test

Benefits of Cultural and Sports Activities in SSC Board Exam

Besides academics, achieving excellence in other co-curricular activities like cultural or sports helps the student gain competence.   However, it is also understood that while taking time for other activities, there is every chance to lose academic excellence and this is a major concern for parents and children alike.   Ezeetest App provides the timely…

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LearningMobile App Sample paper for class 9, Class 9 Science MCQs, ezeetest app

Sample Paper for Class 9 Science MCQs-MSBSHSE

Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs] form the basis for most of the competitive exams today. They are introduced in the academics also long before to train the young brains for applying the principles, discriminate the facts, interpret, and arrive at an answer from a given choice of answers.     Let us have a look on…

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LearningMobile App Online Practice Tests, Ezeetest app

How to Use Ezeetest App for Online Practice Tests

Ezeetest is the ultimate exam-prep and test evaluation app for 8th, 9th, and 10th standard students preparing for Board Exams, Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.   The main objective of the app is to reduce the test anxiety, prepare in a relaxed and perfect manner to progress well in the academic…

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LearningMobile App Online test series, free practice test, exam preparation app, Ezeetest

The Importance of Tests in Academic School

Tests form a common assessment tool in the education system across the world. Whether you like it or not, you are bound to take tests in the school.   Though, tests appear as a nightmare for several students, the importance of tests could be realized at an academic level and at the subtle level as…

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LearningMobile App Tips-to-Pass-Maharashtra-SSC-Board-Exams

Tips to Improve Scores in Maharashtra State Board Exams

It is easy to score good marks in your SSC Board exams, provided you are determined so.   Make a strict schedule of study hours, study seriously. Understand the concepts. Revise often. Be cool. Take advantage of technology too like revision apps.   And, that’s it. ——————————————- Exams are always easy to deal with. But,…

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LearningMobile App Pranayama Techniques to Study, SSC Board Exams

Importance of Pranayama Techniques to Study Well for SSC Board Exams

As the SSC Board Exams approach near, the common complaints of students include falling sick, disturbed sleep, break in study hours, inability to memorize, less food intake, and, etc.   Pranayama comes as the savior. It helps the students to ward-off laziness, sickness, and helps them to be active, sharpens the memory, and for overall…

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LearningMobile App SSC Board Exam, Positive Parenting

Help Your Child to Succeed in 8th Standard SSC Board Exam

Positive parenting plays a significant role for a child to excel in the board exam.   The parents support in each step of the child’s exam preparation is utmost important. It is a loving responsibility to see that our child studying for 8th Standard SSC Board exam excels without any burden either emotionally, morally, or…

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LearningMobile App Increase-Your-Memory-Power

3 Secrets to Improve Your Memory Power for Success in Board Exam

Recalling the learnings or activities is an important factor for students to excel in their academics. Apart from memory exercises, it is significant to consider the diet and physical exercises too for enhancing the memory retention capability.   Let us have a brief understanding about the simple keys to enhance the memory power and excel…

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LearningMobile App Online Practice Test, Maharashtra SSC Board, Educational App

5 Benefits of Online Practice Tests: Maharashtra SSC Board Exam

  With the advent of digital transformation, the student generation today are poised with varied choices of learning and M-learning is one of them that kindles the learning and recapitulating capability of a student. Attending online practice tests is one of the best-recommended strategies to recap the school learnings in their own time anywhere.  …

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LearningMobile App Exam-prep-Apps-for-Students

How Exam-prep Mobile App Help You to Achieve Academic Excellence

Today’s children spend screen time of about 5-8 hours per day. And, it is noted that most of the time is used on social media or game-related activities. Why not utilize this millennial generation’s mobile space for assisted learning? Yes, Exactly! The time spent on mobile could be judiciously used by providing them the opportunities…

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