LearningMobile App tips for parents and teachers on Google Safety Usage, mobile apps, Google safely, computers and mobile devices

Tips for Parents and Teachers on Google Safety Usage

Students have to use computers and mobile devices these days. And, it is an alarming task for parents or teachers as well, as they cannot always be on guard whenever the child uses the screen.   In order to ensure safe usage, you can implement certain measures and manage their usage. Watch out for these…

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LearningMobile App technology for teachers in the classroom

How Teachers Can Use Technology To Help Students

It is digital age today. The technology is used everywhere in our daily life. It would be one of the best learning methodologies for the students when it is used in the academics   Let us understand a few technologies for teachers in the classroom that benefits the students for enhanced learning.   Today, technology…

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LearningMobile App Tips to beat procrastination, causes of procrastination, effects of procrastination, Overcome procrastination in academic studies

Tips to Overcome Procrastination In Academic Studies

Being a student, it is necessary to complete your study tasks on time to achieve excellence in academics. Procrastination kills the progress of your academic excellence.   Let us understand what procrastination is all about and the learn tips to overcome procrastination.   Most of the students’ experience is to share or ponder over things…

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LearningMobile App Tips to use the Internet, benefits of using the Internet, the best tool for learning, social media usage, benefits of using the Internet for students

Tips To Use The Internet Effectively for High School Students

With the Internet, students can advance their learning opportunities. It serves as the best tool for learning, adding resources and learn more. And, it helps them to connect with fellow mates from other schools, countries or far-off places and share knowledge.   Let us understand how to use the Internet effectively for high school students…

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LearningMobile App successful high school student, leadership skills, become a successful high school student

5 Essential Tips to Become A successful High School Student

Academic excellence does not refer to a high score in the exam. Marks are not the benchmark of success for a high school student. In addition to gaining academic knowledge, several learning opportunities should be explored and owned by the individual student. It is helpful for a future career also.   Let us understand the…

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LearningMobile App achieve excellence in academics, achieve academic excellence, Learning Style to Achieve Excellence In Academics, Learning style

Know Your Learning Style to Achieve Excellence In Academics

As the final exam dates are around the corner, every parent insists their children to start studying seriously. A few may force the student to study in the morning, learn by writing imposition, learn louder, and, so forth.   But, in reality, every child is gifted with a learning style. Writing as many times the…

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LearningMobile App benefits of note making, advantages of note making, Cornell format for note-taking

Importance of Note Making for Objective Studies

Attending lectures in the school or college must be supported with note-making to gain a complete grasp of the concerned topic. It is recommended to cultivate the habit of note-making to excel in academics and competitive exams.   Let us explore more and understand the importance of note-making here.   Taking notes is essential to…

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LearningMobile App Beat exam stress, tips to beat exam stress, parental tips to beat exam stress, student tips to beat exam stress

Know How Your Child Can Beat Exam Stress

Exam time means stress time!   Though it seems to be a bold and unwelcoming statement it is right for many students. It is a call to be addressed with immense care.   Stress leads to a negative impact on the mind, health, and academic performance. Let us understand how your child can beat exam…

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LearningMobile App new technologies in the classroom

9 Emerging Technologies To Be Adopted in Classrooms 2019

Sitting inside a four-walled classroom for education is changing slowly. The present generation is moving towards technology utilization in every aspect not leaving behind the education field too. In response to the enthusiasm, the technologies are also favorable for the students learning.   Let us know the 9 emerging technologies to be adopted in classrooms…

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LearningMobile App Interpersonal skills for school children, tips to improve interpersonal skills, benefits of improving interpersonal skills for school children, importance of interpersonal skills

Tips To Improve Interpersonal Skills for School Children

Social and emotional intelligence is necessary to win the world. As a student, it is necessary to develop interpersonal skills along with academic achievement.   A few tips to improve interpersonal skills for school children has been discussed here.   The learning experience is not confined to academic knowledge and IQ of an individual. It…

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LearningMobile App teachers personalize education, personalized learning, analytics help teachers personalize education

How Analytics can Help Teachers Personalize Education

Personalized learning was the norm and will be a norm in future also concerning the education sector. Earlier, the teachers used to do a lot of homework to implement personalized learning. But, not the task is made easy with the help of analytics.   Let us see how analytics can help teachers personalize education.  …

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LearningMobile App school diary of a student, life of a high school student, day in the life of a high school student, online test series, practice tests

A Day In The Life Of A High School Student

We, regularly see students going to school daily for studies. And, we know the ins and outs of a school day by experience. Still, it would be interesting to read it through a students’ school diary.   Let us peep into the school diary of a student and learn about a day in the life…

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