LearningMobile App Objective of Maharashtra Scholarship Exam, Maharashtra Scholarship Exam, Scholarship exam

All You Need to Know About Maharashtra Scholarship Exam

Maharashtra scholarship exam is approaching fast, and this is all you need to know about Maharashtra Scholarship exam.   Awarding scholarships is a morale-boosting push for any student in their journey of education. It helps for their career and profession.   An acknowledgment of students’ efforts act as positive reinforcement and encourage them to perform…

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LearningMobile App personalized learning with AI, benefits of personalized learning,

Artificial Intelligence Help Teachers in Personalized Learning

Differentiated learning is one of the recommended methodologies as the individual’s learning capabilities are differentiated.   In a set classroom of 30 or more students, if we bring in customized or personalized learning, it may revolutionize the learning system in schools. Artificial intelligence acts as assistance for personalized learning in schools.   Let us understand…

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LearningMobile App Board exam, academic hacks, educational app, student life, child’s board exam

Make Your Child’s Board Exam Easy with These Academic Hacks

Students studying for board exams make learnings in a single directed way many times. It may make the learnings boring too.   Make learning enjoyable, comfortable, and smart for skillful time utilization with academic hacks.   Here is a quick rundown on how to make your child’s board exam easy with academic hacks.   Walk…

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LearningMobile App Mobile usage safety, Tips on teaching mobile usage safety for your children, parent control apps, parent guide, best parental control app for android 2018

Mobile Usage Safety for Your Children – A Parent Guide

As children are engaging in mobile activities at a faster pace, it is crucial to guide them for its safe usage for Internet exploration.   Let us have a look at the mobile usage safety for your children. A parent guide has been presented here.   We teach our children how to behave with strangers…

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LearningMobile App improve learning skills, Games to Improve Learning Skills, improve learning skills for Maths, improve learning skills for Maths

Colors & Games to Improve Learning Skills for Maths Board Exam

It is a fact that many students find maths difficult. As the Maths Board exam is around the corner, the fear elevates further, and students seek tips and tricks, shortcuts, or dream for some magic bestowed on them to pass the exam, and so forth.   Of course, there are no shortcuts for learning. But,…

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LearningMobile App Artificial Intelligence in Schools, use of Artificial Intelligence, Use of Artificial Intelligence in Schools

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Schools: Risks and Mitigation

Artificial intelligence in schools is gaining traction considering the benefits it could provide. However, its implementation is not easier and calls for addressing several issues.   Let us understand the risks of using artificial intelligence in schools and the necessary safety measures to mitigate it.   A school life supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems…

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LearningMobile App Active learning in Biology, school children, backyard ideas for learning biology, educational benefits of learning in the backyard

Active Learning in Biology Outside the Classroom In The Backyard

The academic learnings are not always restricted to the classroom. Many subjects like Biology, History, Arts, and more should be learned outside the classroom too, in their natural place or happenings.   Its a way of practical learning that enhances the knowledge and skill of the candidate. Let us have a quick rundown about active…

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LearningMobile App maharashtra scholarship english exam, Tricks to Pass Maharashtra Scholarship English Exam, Maharashtra Scholarship Exam, educational app

Tips & Tricks to Pass Maharashtra Scholarship English Exam

For learning English and score well in competitive exams scholarship exams, gaining language skills is necessary to write answers to the point.   Here is a quick note on a few tricks to score well in Maharashtra Scholarship English Exam – Class 5 and other competitive exams.   MSCE Pune conducts the Maharashtra Scholarship Exam…

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LearningMobile App Fast Multiplication Tricks, Maharashtra scholarship Maths exam, educational app, scholarship exam

Multiply Fast In Your Maharashtra Scholarship Maths Exam

Multiplication is one of the arithmetic expressions we often use in daily life. For learning maths in school and score well in competitive exams or scholarship exams, fast multiplication is necessary to save time and write answers correctly.   Let us look into some of the tricks for fast multiplication which is helpful for attending…

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LearningMobile App Maharashtra Scholarship Exam 2019, Maharashtra Scholarship Exam Date, Maharashtra Scholarship Exam, Maharashtra Scholarship Exam Syllabus, Benefits of Maharashtra Scholarship Exam

How to Prepare for Maharashtra Scholarship Exam 2019

The Maharashtra Scholarship Exam 2019, conducted by MSCE Pune is scheduled on 18th February 2019 for 5th & 8th standard.   Let us know the syllabus, exam scheme, exam pattern, and how to prepare for the exam here.   The scholarship exams in Maharashtra for the class 5th ( Pre Upper Primary Scholarship Exam) and…

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LearningMobile App Artificial intelligence in education, AI applications, Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Education, integration of AI

9 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Education

When we think of Artificial Intelligence in Education, we find different schools of thought, where one group supports and the other is strongly against its implementation.   It is universally accepted that education is a sector, where human-to-human interaction is a must. Parallely, the integration of AI cannot be overlooked considering the advantages it could…

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LearningMobile App Secret techniques to improve your intelligence, board exams, IQ score, emotional intelligence, enhance learning abilities

Apply These 11 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Intelligence

Being intelligent is not always a born gift. The potential of the brain could be harvested to its fullest by adopting adequate learning strategies. The IQ score is just a number that could be increased with efforts always.   Here are the 11 secret techniques to improve your intelligence.   As the Board exam approaches,…

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