LearningMobile App Eye Exercises for Board Exams, eye exercise, eye training, increase reading speed

Increase Your Reading Speed with Eye Exercises for Board Exams

How exciting it would be if you can complete reading the Board exam notes within 1/3rd of the actual time?   Sounds nice?!   That too, when exam dates are around the corner, right?!   Just follow these eye exercises for speed reading. ——————————- The exam season has started already. This is the time for…

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LearningMobile App Artificial Intelligence in Schools, Artificial Intelligence in Education, AI and Teachers collaboration

All You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence In Schools

Witnessing the attributes of Artificial Intelligence, it is significant to introduce and leverage them in educational institutions so that our children can quickly work with the technology efficiently in the future.    Introducing Artificial Intelligence in schools will help the children to close the digital skill gaps in early stage itself. AI should be adopted…

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LearningMobile App Mobile learning, myths of mobile learning, debunking the myths of mobile learning, mobile apps, learning app for students

Learning App for Students | Break The Myths of Mobile Learning

The use of mobile technology is extending its influence in the education field too. Still, we hear voices against mobile learning. People have a prejudiced feel over the use of mobile apps for education and hesitate to provide learning apps for students.   Let’s understand the common myths set in the minds of people and…

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LearningMobile App best educational app,educational app,exam preparation app,improve academics,,best educational apps for kids

Give The Best Educational App For Your Child’s Academic Excellence

Choosing the best educational app for the child’s academic excellence among the thousands of apps available in the app market is indeed a difficult task for the parents and teachers as well.   Let us look into the best starting points while selecting an app for your child’s academics.   The mobile apps are getting…

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LearningMobile App positive parenting techniques, how to help a child at home, teacher and parents relationship

Positive Parenting: Things Teachers Want Parents To Do At Home

Teachers and parents should work as partners. It is a learning phase throughout the day for children and not only at school hours. Spending quality time with your children after school hours is essential and expected by the teachers.   Here are a few things teachers want parents to do at home, know about teachers…

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LearningMobile App Importance of Previous Years Question Papers, Previous Years Question Papers, Practice papers

Importance of Previous Years Question Papers for Board Exam

It is utmost essential to attempt answers for previous years question papers to gain a high percentage in the board exam.   Organizing the answers for previous papers helps you understand the nuances of the exam questions and thus make your exam writing task simple and better.   Let us see how it helps you…

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LearningMobile App outdoor learning activities for high school students, outdoor learning activities for students

Advantages of Outdoor Learning Activities for Students

The learnings become engaging and spontaneous outside the classrooms. The field experiences are the means of curriculum extension in its best way.   Let us understand the ways of extended learning outside the classroom.   Neil, Professor, Applied Psychology defines outdoor education as “An emphasis on direct experience of the outdoors for personal, social, educational,…

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LearningMobile App virtual reality in education, application of virtual reality in education, benefits of virtual reality in education, virtual reality and future of education

The Winning Benefits of Virtual Reality In Education

Technological advancements today are making the learning experiences easier for the students. The technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality has extended its influence in the education sector too with a promising future.   Let us discover the winning benefits in education.   In the last decades, we are witnessing the invasion of technology…

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LearningMobile App Machine learning in education, applications of machine learning in education, use cases of machine learning in education, advantages of machine learning in education, machine learning and the future of education

The Influence of Machine Learning in Education

Blended learning may become more common in modern classrooms as teachers are shifting to machine learning.   Both the students and teachers are enjoying the modernized versions of lessons. And, it seems reasonable to rely on advances in education with machine learning, provided we balance the expectations with a human touch.   Let us understand…

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LearningMobile App study app for students,education apps,revision apps,best app for school students,educational app for school students

Why Ezeetest is The Favourite Study App for Students

The Smart Education Apps help the students to test and analyze their academic learnings. Among the revision apps available in the app market, the Ezeetest App is reported to be interactive by connecting the teachers and parents.   It acts as the catalyst to engage the students. This study app for students is successful in…

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LearningMobile App Study Technique for Students, Active listening activities

Active Listening As A Useful Study Technique for Students

Listen, Before you Speak!   This anecdote is heard over and over again. What does the anecdote intend to convey?   Listening helps to develop the cognitive learnings and behavior of a person. It is one of the recommended methods of study technique as it helps you to recall the concepts easily.     Let…

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LearningMobile App Mind mapping technique, Mind Mapping Technique for Students, Benefits of using the mind mapping technique for students, best learning technique

5 Benefits of Using Mind Mapping Technique for Students

Mind mapping technique is easy to make and use. It saves your time for studying and you can revise quickly during exam preparation.   Explore how to draw a mind map and derive the real benefits on your exam day.   What can be done when you don’t understand a concept or find it difficult…

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