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What is the Best Time to Study for Board Exams – Day or Night?

Each student has a unique learning style. Likewise, even the study time differs from each other. A few of the students may feel daytime as the best hours to study and vice versa. Even, the benefits are more or less the same.   The objective here is to choose the best study hours, either day…

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LearningMobile App HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY, Ezeetest App

Realize Your Dream Career with Ezeetest App – Happy Children’s Day

Hello Children!!   It’s Your Day Today. Take A Way Forward Note of Your Career Today!   Take time to think about your aspirations. Know how to work for it. Make a mind map to fulfill it. Stay in pace with the techno-world. Move with the changes the life brings us.   Ezeetest Wishes a…

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Teachers Recommend Ezeetest-Study App for Highschool Students

In this digital world, the educational apps act as a perfect mediator to the parents and teachers, students after school hours, and so forth. The teachers find it as a useful aid for their teachings.   And, as such, there are several supporting study apps available in the market. Among those, Ezeetest is one of…

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LearningMobile App Artificial Intelligence in Education, the role of Artificial intelligence in education, digital learning solutions, personalized learning.

3 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Education for Students

Artificial intelligence is the advanced algorithm empowering the machines to imitate the human behavior under real-life situations. Artificial intelligence is touching every industry’s landscape today.   The education arena is not an exception. It is believed that when the learning solutions are coupled with Artificial intelligence, it is bound to make the revolutionary changes in…

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LearningMobile App Parent-Teacher relationship, parent-school communication, parental involvement in child’s academics, parent teachers meeting

Building Parent-Teacher Relationship with Ezeetest App

The parents’ involvement in child’s academics plays a significant role in their social behavioral pattern and scores in the exam as well. And, getting connected with the teachers and staying in the loop with them is essential to learn about the child’s progress.   In this digital age, the test evaluation app like Ezeetest helps…

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How Revision App Help Employed Parents with Child’s Academics

The use of Revision app helps the two-parent working families to access the app anytime, and get involved in their children’s schooling and academic performance.   It is an accepted fact that children perform better in their academics provided when parents are actively involved in their learnings. And, it was not a difficult task or…

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LearningMobile App Tips & tricks to learn faster and better, improve academic performance

35 Tips & Tricks to Learn Faster and Better

The learning process can be made easy when your efforts are strategically invested. A simple trick that you never thought of might work well to create wonders in your academic performance.   Check out this list of 35 tips and tricks to learn faster and better. Implement the tip[s] that suits your learning style and…

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LearningMobile App Online practice tests, SSC Board Exam 2019, Class X students, Keep your maths fear at bay, SSC Board students

Take Online Practice Tests to Keep Your Maths Fear at Bay

Practicing as many questions as possible is the key to success in Maths exam. More practice builds confidence in you and gears up the speed to attend to the answers correctly.   A well-prepared exam leads to a successful attempt to questions and time management in the exam.     Begin your online practice test…

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LearningMobile App Sleeping pattern and academic performance, online practice tests

Sleep Well & Perform Better In Your SSC Board Exam 2019

It is necessary and recommended to sleep well to perform better in your SSC Board Exam 2019. The circadian rhythm should not be disturbed to perform the cognitive functions effectively for the brain.   And, an adequate sleep of 6-8 hours is recommended for the students to perform well in the academics and maintain their…

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LearningMobile App Revision Apps vs Paper Preparation, use of revision Apps

Know The ABC of Revision Apps vs Paper Preparation

As the exam fervor is spreading all around, the millennial generation is adopting mobile technology to gear up for the upcoming exam in 2019. And, it seems that they are enviably comfortable in using the revision apps.   Let us see what attracts them towards the use of revision apps as compared to the paper…

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LearningMobile App Best Exam Revision Techniques

Tips & Tricks Best Exam Revision Techniques

It’s high time you start revising the syllabus to attend the upcoming SSC Board Exam 2019.   Nail your SSC Board Exam 2019 with these simple tips and tricks-best revision techniques.   As the exam season is around the corner, it’s time to start revision.   I understand you have attended hours of classes and…

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LearningMobile App 5Ws 1H Questioning Technique, SSC Board Students, SSC Board Exam

Adopt 5Ws and 1H Questioning Technique for Academic Studies

Academic learning is utmost essential and must be strong to show progress in career. When a perfect study methodology is adopted, it is easier to imbibe and take forward the learnings.   One of the best-recommended methodology to study is 5Ws and 1H questioning technique. Let’s investigate more about the technology here.   Academic learning…

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