LearningMobile App Tips to score high marks in English exam, Importance of English

7 Tips to Score High Marks in English Exam

The general tendency of students is to ignore language classes and marks, for they are more focused on gaining marks in core subjects to enter professional courses. As a result, last-minute mug up for the language exam is a trend among today’s students.   Be cautious that English is essential and compulsory in several Indian…

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LearningMobile App benefits of exam preparation app, exam preparation app

5 Major Benefits of Exam Preparation App

The sample papers, previous question papers, mock tests, test series, etc., stands as the best resources for exam preparation since time unknown. It could be for SSC Board students preparing for the academic exam or the students preparing for competitive exams.   Attempting these tests with the help of study apps is the hi-tech way…

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LearningMobile App Ways to Overcome Exam Phobia, online mock tests

5 Ways to Overcome Exam Phobia

Preparing well for the exam is an undeniable part to succeed in the exam. However, we find students fail to perform well in the exam despite adequate preparation. The main reason could be attributed to exam phobia.   Exam phobia leads to low esteem, overburdening, thinking of results before giving exams, loss of confidence, and…

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LearningMobile App Common mistakes in SSC Board Exam, Online Mock Tests, SSC Board Exam

Do Not Commit These Mistakes in Your SSC Board Exam

Everyone prepares well for the SSC Board exam with no doubt, and most of us know the answers for the questions asked in the exam. Still, the exam fervor invades a few students that they tend to commit mistakes that could have been easily avoided when cared.   Let us understand the most common mistakes…

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LearningMobile App Simple Tips to Write Answers, Simple Tips to Write Answers in SSC Board Exam

Simple Tips to Write Answers in Your SSC Board Exam

‘I have good grasping skills and know the subject very well. But still, I scored average marks!’   ‘I knew all the answers, but could not attend all questions due to the lapse of time!’   ‘How to write an exam in three hours?’   ‘How to score well in the SSC Board Exam?’  …

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LearningMobile App How-to-Increase-Your-Memory-Retention-Class-X-Students

How to Increase Your Memory Retention Power | Class X Students

It is significant to retain the memory of learnings to score well in the exams.   A quick note on how our brain forget the learnings [as per Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve] and what should be done to increase the memory retention [as per 0+1+7+30 Technique] has been discussed here. ———————– In one of our recent…

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LearningMobile App Advantages of Rote Learning

Be Aware of Rote Learning | Class X Students

Do not forget everything in the exam hall by following Rote learning/Ratta Maro method for studies. Limit your rote learning methodology for basic facts/formulae memorization.   Follow Meaningful learning with the help of Ezeetest App-Online test series and excel in your upcoming Board exam.     Let’s understand how attending online test series helps you…

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LearningMobile App

The Day Before Your SSC Board Exam | The Final 24 Hours Count Down

Are you a planner or a procrastinator?   You should be a Planner!   Your SSC Board Exam 2019 is approaching fast. I hope you all are preparing well in advance.   Still, as a reminder, here are few tips on Do’s and Don’ts while preparing for exams, the day before and also it for…

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LearningMobile App NTSE Benefits for Class X Students, NTSE Benefits

NTSE Benefits for Class X Students: An Overview

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship program and the most prestigious examinations in India. It is conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training NCERT for the class X students to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent.   Let’s have an overview of the NTSE benefits…

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LearningMobile App Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Timetable 2019, Study Plan, Time Management, SSC Board Exam 2019, Time Management Tips for Class X Students, Ezeetest

Time Management Tips for Class X Students | SSC Board Exam 2019

Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Timetable 2019 is out now! Everyone wishes to score high in the exams and anyone can score so, provided you manage your skills on time.   Here are a few Time Management Tips for the Class X Students to excel well in the upcoming board exam.   ——————–   It’s time…

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LearningMobile App Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Time-Table 2019, Maharashtra SSC Board Exam 2019, Online Test Series, Class X Students, Practice Tests, Maharashtra State Board

Gear Up for Maharashtra SSC Board Exam 2019 by Attending Online Test Series

The real exam fervor has started for the class X students now after the announcement of Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Time-Table 2019.   Gear up with your exam preparation by attending online test series through the best revision apps available and do well in the exam.   Here is a quick note on what you…

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LearningMobile App Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Time-Table 2019, Time-table for Class X students, Maharashtra SSC Board Exam 2019 Hall Ticket

Maharashtra SSC Board Exam Time-Table 2019 | Data Sheet and Exam Dates

The Maharashtra State Board has published the SSC Exam Time Table 2019 for the Class X Students.   Gear Up for the Upcoming Exam. Check your Timetable and Download Here. ————————– Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pune has released SSC Exam Time Table 2019 on 5th October 2018.   The Maharashtra…

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