LearningMobile App Sample paper for class 8, Class 8 Science MCQs, 8th standard SSC Board syllabus, Class 8 students, MSBSHSE

Sample Paper for Class 8 Science MCQs-MSBSHSE | Ezeetest App

Prepare well for the Maharashtra Board exam and the competitive exams as well by practicing Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs] for the Class 8 students as much as possible.   Let us have a look on sample paper for Class 8 Science MCQs here as presented in the Ezeetest App, a revision app that helps to…

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Tips and Tricks for Solving Maths Problems-Class X Students

In reality, mathematics is the most interesting and high-scoring subject. You can easily score 100 percent in mathematics. Small tips and tricks, dedicated time, and interest will work wonders to score well in the mathematics subject for Class X Students.   This write-up helps these class X students with simple tips and tricks for solving…

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LearningMobile App Online Mock Tests, SSC Board Exam, Mock Test, Free Mock Test Papers

Online Mock Tests-Part II | Post-Mock Plan to Optimize Your Performance in SSC Board Exam

Analyzing the mock tests forms the imperative part of performance improvement.   In our last blog, we understood the benefits of taking online mock tests. Let us continue further and learn how to derive the practical benefits of it by making a strategic plan to optimize the performance level post the test.   Let us…

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LearningMobile App Online Mock Tests, SSC Board Exam, Mock Test, Free Mock Test, Practice Test

Online Mock Tests-Part I | Benefits for SSC Board Exam

Putting yourself through the online mock test[s] prepares you to face the SSC Board exam easily. It helps you to meet the challenges like time management, strategies for answering, understand the exam patterns, expecting the most probable questions, criteria for assessment, and, etc.   In brief, it is incredibly beneficial as it delivers a perfect…

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LearningMobile App Sample-Paper-Class-10, online test series, Ezeetest app

Sample Paper for Class 10 Science MCQs-MSBSHSE | Ezeetest App

Practicing Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs] for the Class X students helps to prepare well for the SSC Board exam and the competitive exams as well. Train your brain to analyze questions and interpret answers at a faster rate.   Let us have a look on sample paper for Class 10 Science MCQs here as represented…

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LearningMobile App chool Children, Benefits and Risks of Social Media

Social Media Usage by SSC Board Students: What Can You Do About It?

The social media usage is viral and the students are not an exception. They tend to use social media despite the warnings by their parents or the elders. It is recommended to understand their objective behind its use, create an awareness of the benefits and risks of social media, and protect them through their social…

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LearningMobile App Advantage of Aptitude Test, Aptitude Test App, Aptitude tests, Class X Students

Take Advantage of Aptitude Tests | Class X Students

It is necessary to develop logical reasoning, speed in implementing the learned knowledge or skills for a successful career or profession.   In order to hone the thinking and logical ability, attend competitive exams successfully, it is recommended to practice aptitude tests during the 10th academic course study.   Let us understand the concept and…

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LearningMobile App SSC Board Exam, Maharashtra State Board Class 10 Exam, Online Practice Test

Benefits of Cultural and Sports Activities in SSC Board Exam

Besides academics, achieving excellence in other co-curricular activities like cultural or sports helps the student gain competence.   However, it is also understood that while taking time for other activities, there is every chance to lose academic excellence and this is a major concern for parents and children alike.   Ezeetest App provides the timely…

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LearningMobile App Sample paper for class 9, Class 9 Science MCQs, ezeetest app

Sample Paper for Class 9 Science MCQs-MSBSHSE

Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs] form the basis for most of the competitive exams today. They are introduced in the academics also long before to train the young brains for applying the principles, discriminate the facts, interpret, and arrive at an answer from a given choice of answers.     Let us have a look on…

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LearningMobile App Online Practice Tests, Ezeetest app

How to Use Ezeetest App for Online Practice Tests

Ezeetest is the ultimate exam-prep and test evaluation app for 8th, 9th, and 10th standard students preparing for Board Exams, Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.   The main objective of the app is to reduce the test anxiety, prepare in a relaxed and perfect manner to progress well in the academic…

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LearningMobile App Online test series, free practice test, exam preparation app, Ezeetest

The Importance of Tests in Academic School

Tests form a common assessment tool in the education system across the world. Whether you like it or not, you are bound to take tests in the school.   Though, tests appear as a nightmare for several students, the importance of tests could be realized at an academic level and at the subtle level as…

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LearningMobile App Tips-to-Pass-Maharashtra-SSC-Board-Exams

Tips to Improve Scores in Maharashtra State Board Exams

It is easy to score good marks in your SSC Board exams, provided you are determined so.   Make a strict schedule of study hours, study seriously. Understand the concepts. Revise often. Be cool. Take advantage of technology too like revision apps.   And, that’s it. ——————————————- Exams are always easy to deal with. But,…

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