LearningMobile App Pranayama Techniques to Study, SSC Board Exams

Importance of Pranayama Techniques to Study Well for SSC Board Exams

As the SSC Board Exams approach near, the common complaints of students include falling sick, disturbed sleep, break in study hours, inability to memorize, less food intake, and, etc.   Pranayama comes as the savior. It helps the students to ward-off laziness, sickness, and helps them to be active, sharpens the memory, and for overall…

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LearningMobile App SSC Board Exam, Positive Parenting

Help Your Child to Succeed in 8th Standard SSC Board Exam

Positive parenting plays a significant role for a child to excel in the board exam.   The parents support in each step of the child’s exam preparation is utmost important. It is a loving responsibility to see that our child studying for 8th Standard SSC Board exam excels without any burden either emotionally, morally, or…

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LearningMobile App Increase-Your-Memory-Power

3 Secrets to Improve Your Memory Power for Success in Board Exam

Recalling the learnings or activities is an important factor for students to excel in their academics. Apart from memory exercises, it is significant to consider the diet and physical exercises too for enhancing the memory retention capability.   Let us have a brief understanding about the simple keys to enhance the memory power and excel…

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LearningMobile App Online Practice Test, Maharashtra SSC Board, Educational App

5 Benefits of Online Practice Tests: Maharashtra SSC Board Exam

  With the advent of digital transformation, the student generation today are poised with varied choices of learning and M-learning is one of them that kindles the learning and recapitulating capability of a student. Attending online practice tests is one of the best-recommended strategies to recap the school learnings in their own time anywhere.  …

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LearningMobile App Exam-prep-Apps-for-Students

How Exam-prep Mobile App Help You to Achieve Academic Excellence

Today’s children spend screen time of about 5-8 hours per day. And, it is noted that most of the time is used on social media or game-related activities. Why not utilize this millennial generation’s mobile space for assisted learning? Yes, Exactly! The time spent on mobile could be judiciously used by providing them the opportunities…

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